The correlation between website quality and conversion


The website represents your company online. It is the key to wooing prospects and converting them into paying clients. The quality of a website can make or break your business in this new digital era. This article will explain the importance of ensuring the website is structured in a way that is detailed yet well-organised to enable clients to have easy access when viewing your products and services. The user friendliness of the website can have a huge impact on conversion which is obviously one of the main focuses for any business that is looking to boost sales. It is about creating a memorable experience for the user and making them feel an emotional connection to the business. What then constitutes a good quality website?


The content should give detailed information about a company’s products and services. This information should be detailed in order to show prospects how the products and services provided by your business are the best in the market. Alternatively, the content can highlight any unique selling points in relation to the products and services which are only offered by your business. The content should also always provide a clear picture of how the products or services work. It is important to ensure the content stays fresh as this helps to attract new prospects as well as helping to retain old clients. Renewing the content on a regular basis allows for better engagement with clients and gives them more reason to revisit your website.


Keywords enable prospects to find your website when searching the internet. Keyword research needs to be carried out in order to ensure they are the most closely related keywords for the business. They should also always be updated depending on the phrases used by people when searching for the products and services online. Using the right keywords will help your search engine rankings through SEO which exposes your business to increased traffic flow. Assuming the website has high-quality content, you should then have no problem converting all of the additional traffic into paying clients. Contact this SEO company for more information regarding search engine optimisation.

Make your website mobile friendly

Smartphones are largely used in today’s world and are especially important when trying to attract prospects from the younger generation. The younger generation is never far away from their phones and will often prefer using their mobile devices when searching for the products or services that are able to best meet their needs. If your website does not show in the mobile search results then your business will have trouble reaching these mobile users. The mobile users are then likely to find a competitor who offers the same products or services just because their website is mobile friendly. For local searches, it is estimated that 3 of every 5 mobile searches lead to purchases. This is far greater than the desktop conversion rate which again shows the significance of having a mobile friendly website.

Title tags and URL

Title tags provide a brief summary of the content on the website and the URL offers the hierarchy of information. The title is often the customer’s first point of contact with the business and it is, therefore, crucial that the title is done correctly. The title and description both need to assist in luring the potential customers into clicking on the website and viewing the content. This part can make or break the conversion because if the potential customers don’t like what they read in the title they are unlikely to delve any further. Title tags containing the right keyword and a good URL are also a fundamental part of achieving good rankings in the search engine results. The title is the centre of the website and so whatever the title is relevant for is what the website will be relevant for. Ensuring the title is relevant for the correct keywords will help to attract the most suitable prospects for the products and services on offer.

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